The Valterblog is Officially Archived …


Time to move on … after several intents to bring it back to life, I think the original spirit of my old blog is long gone … I’ve just grown, evolved, and I’m now interested in some other topics and subjects. Therefore, this site no longer hosts The Valterblog, which has been archived and is still available (though not being updated anymore) here.

My current thinking is that, maybe, you don’t need a single blog … but many. Or at least, you may try many (kind of Lean Startup approach to blogging). In any case, my blogging activities will now be concentrated on the following two …

  • Girevoy Sport Office … a blog on my personal (i.e. non professional) passion, Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport. More of a training log than a blog, but still a blog.
  • Presentation Girevik … yes. another pun on the intersection of Girevoy Sport and my profession … a blog on one of my greatest passions in the professional space … well crafted presentations and visual stuff.

This site will now be more of an HQ site … somewhere to put my favourite links, etc. But likely, not something to be updated very as often as a blog.

See you!


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